Monday, 23 June 2008

New work - Anti-binge drinking

Last week saw the launch of the anti-binge drinking campaign made my VCCP (where I work) for the Home Office.

The majoy online push centres around a film we made..

You may have already seen the ads on tv



The campaign also features online ads (I'll try to get the links soon as I'm really pleased with them) and a shop window display down at long acre in soho where you could bluetooth the online video and watch the ads and we invited bloggers down to cover the event on the same day we launched it to the press.

Laurence Borel of blogtillyoudrop has written a really good post about it.

I'll try to post some more of the stuff as the print and online ads are great. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

URLs are on their way to the void

They'll exist, but they won't be typed by anyone.

In Firefox, you can type in a keyword to the address bar and it will take you to the first google hit (just try, hotmail, any really common sites)

Now, in Japan, just as in the UK with stuff like 'Act on CO2', they've started introducing search terms into ads rather than URLs.

One of the best blogs I've stumbled across recently

Worth noting Lee McEwan's (Planning Director at Leo Burnett) blog. I found it looking for the quote above.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Measuring cup with unusual units

I thought this, courtesy of boingboing was awesome.

I am an IRL sh*tposter

This is my crowning glory. I have been accused of being an IRL (In Real Life) shitposter by the anti-scientology dudes over at londonlulz and they are lulz. They're absolutely right. I can't help it. But they should know that we both have the same objective - outright undeniable lulz. Mine were had at the expense of the British Police Force, rather than Scientology but hey...what are you gonna do?

Monday, 17 March 2008

Mick Jagger's Growling Bun

Mick Jagger has a bun
Which sits beside him growling
On a velvet cushion
On a gilted chair
It sits beside him and goes

It's not really a growl actually
It's a whisper
But 'growling bun' sounds better
Than 'whispering bun'

This is inspired by Ellie Robins, the girl who generated the phrase as part of her neverending lulz cycle.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

bounce the pope / xenu and other anti-church of scientology

Walking down Charing Cross Road yesterday and there's the latest from the lulzologists anonymous/xenu, outside that weird COS test shop centre thing which I've always wanted to go into to see wtf they actually do in there

Anyway, when you see a protest, you might as well join it. So I did. A phrase my friend ellie coined is 'bounce the pope' it means nothing, it's just a celebration of language and putting weird words together, but I find it hilarious. So I made a sign out of it and joined in.

Little did I know that the xenu/anonymous dudes thought I was trying to show them up as religious bigots. I wasn't, I was just doing it for teh lulz. It was lulz.

This is a converstaion I had with a police officer just before I was given an official warning - my main beef here I suppose is not with the COS, but with the absolut decay of free speech in this country.

police-cop: I'm not sure they're going to be so pleased about you doing this in their protest. What's it about anyway?

stuart: We believe the pope should be bounced

police-cop: How do you mean?

stuart (trying to keep a straight face): Like a rubber ball, officer.

police-cop: well, I find that offensive as I'm catholic, could you take your sign down and move on.

stuart: Okay officer, one question, is what I'm doing illegal?

cop: Yes, this is your first official warning.

stuart: Fine. Thanks officer.

So anyway, here are some pics of the occasion. And the thread on where they seem to think I'm a scientologist, just to note. I'm not. The COS offends me and I'm glad people like anon are trying to turn it to dust via extended internet and IRL lulz events.