Monday, 18 December 2006


This is so fucking great. Why? because it demonstrates a two fairly abstract human constructs using three lines. I think communicating information succinctly and accessibly it's a greatly admirable skill.

This creative individual has the recipe for a book on their hands. A seemingly unending flow of clever ideas which have been very well represented. All of them inside a very cute, lo-fi, mechanic

I've long wished to make a website from drawing and writings, all scanned in. I think it's a nice departure from boring fonts, white space and flash. Typesetting and typography unaided by computer is an extremely attractive, ergonomic and soulful way of communicating.

I'd quite like to set up a lo-fi web dépôt as sort of an offset of modern hyper-graphics. Functionality and content could still delve into Web 2.0 and beyond, just that the interface would stray away from buttons which took 3 hours to make in Photoshop. Any lo-fi interface shrine would feature Lou Barlow , I've absolutely loved his site and it's just as effective and attractive in spite of his design method not changing since ~1999. How many 7 year old sites can you say that about?

It's kind of like this theme which I've just installed on my MacBook. Developed by Apple Japan in the 1990's and made to look like a Drawing Board. I think it's one way to make technology more friendly.

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