Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Meat Pub (tube map)

I like anagram tube map from linked to me by Anthony Goh it's like, a totally cool subversion of the things in our everyday lives that we don't really notice, totally cool man. Yeah. Prussian Girdle babez.

Other tube map related stuff which I like a bit of is animals on the underground, it's amaaazing. Totally. Simeon Rose had one of these as his desktop when I first moved to London.

A geographical map from here. Probably via the guy below.

This is the best site on the internet. This dude has constructed maps indicating what's really underground, stations it's quicker to walk between, travel times, different names, toilets, the list goes on and really served to completely ZOMG me. ZOMG.

Slut Tube. That's gonna go a long way. But this fokker translated the tube map into German. Holy fuck.

Zehr gut. What you can see below from Asen T Tsvyatkov is something I thought about doing when I first saw the absolut ads as a kid (teenager?). It's obvious when you look at the map, but it's still a lovely thought. Whilst I was on the lookout for it i came across this site which is a repository for all of the ABSOLUT ads ever made. Whilst listening to an interview with Richard Huntingdon over at Russell Davies' blog, I heard them talking about 118 118, and how that's the absolute pinnacle of all our activity, from the economic side of it, investment in an agency led a totally homogenous market to have one brand with 40% market share (even though it was more expensive than the rest).

(apologies for the image size. I had to use google's cache of the image as the site I linked from is down.)

I think this campaign from ABSOLUT is on par with that creatively as they managed to take the UK flavoured vodka market (at least) by storm against much better established, cheaper brands. Especially brands like Stolichnya who have the most traditional product (they invented flavoured vodkas) but due to a lack of marketing communications they were left relatively skunnered by a mad band of drunk Svenskas.

Absolut Fenton.

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