Friday, 22 June 2007

Who do we pay to get that to run as an honest to god TV advert?

It's undeniable that there's still power in a TVC, and when people see something really effective, they think that for it to escape the dark corner of the internet that they saw it on is for it to be broadcast.

That advert is by the US Drug Policy Alliance and tried to get across the utter codshite policy of focusing on the drug problem and locking up as many people as possible as a route to electoral success.

The first comment after this video inspired me somewhat

'Who do we give money to to get that run as an honest to god TV ad?'

Well, exactly, I mean in the age of mass participation, people selling houses in lotteries, buying football clubs in syndicates and of sketching in a swarm why isn't there a place where we can donate money to buy media space for a message we think people need to see. This would be the ultimate in 'power to the people' with certain issues pertinant to segments of the population perhaps being given a share of voice that they've never received before, maybe even highlighting issues in the heads of people who've never thought them before, maybe if you were a closed minded voter in the US that thought 'well, those guys seem to be doing a good job, locking up all the drug addicts, I don't know about anyone else so I'll vote for them', you'd see this ad and you might see another side to it.

So. If you're an organisation or a brand or a man or a woman or a child with a nice message or a message that you think people need to see and you think other people would agree with you, put the message out there with an easy mechanic to accept donations for delivery of that message.

You could have levels of media buy at every price point from TV, national press, local press, online or text ads sponsoring all uses of the word 'drug' in the online edition of The Times etc

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