Wednesday, 18 July 2007

MSN has no reason for being

We're all on facbeook all the time

Facebook knows when you're online

We should make a facebook application that is an AJAX instant messaging client that sits within facebook (and can pop out of your browser).

This is good as:

- it needs no installation (work environments where maybe you can't install stuff)
- it uses less system resources, MSN is currently using 24mb of RAM to sit in the background (how do I even know if it's ACTUALLY still open until I look at it? Am i right? eh?)
- it's linked to facebook, where everyone is and everyone will continue to be for a while
- it will actuall extend the life of facebook and add some more inertia to social network switching, as you'll be like...hell, this thing does photos, music, appls, instant messaging...why the flenxdrax would I leave?
- it'd be sweet

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Noott said...

Yah agreed. I was thinking this the other day when I was simultaneously having an MSN, a Bookyface, an email and a text conversation with four people that all sit in the same office (not as me, as each other... think one of them was you). Anyway, yeah, less windows open, more in one place. Yes.