Sunday, 28 January 2007


just like the ipod, i found a site where sounds are used to make me feel like it's quality...and kind of real.

scroll around the pictures, it just makes it a joy to navigate. just like when you saw the ipod first and scrolled up and down for no reason.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Join the fucking army

I'm well into like spoof advertisements and that, you know? Brass Eye style etc. Chris Morris yeah? Fucking genius mate. Knew how to fucking subvert culture.

I'm well into that. Culture subversion.

Please read the rest of this with a Brass Eye style accent.

You probably didn't notice, being so immersed in the cheap fat of the culture cow that advertising is part of culture. The GIF-Druids on b3ta have outdone themselves this time with a half-baked 'make a polemic animated gif banner' competition. These pixel monkeys sit there for hours chewing on the inter-cud, waiting for their chance to create something amazing. If these don't make you laugh, you're a grotesquely ugly freak.

Spoof advertising is always funny. Think of the lads in Basra. Join the fucking army.