Thursday, 24 January 2008

Don't mess with the talent

Or they'll most definitely mess with you.

Just seen this on techcrunch, Noca, an new online payment site set up by ex-Visa employees is said to be the new PayPal.

I don't have any evidence that these guys/girls were messed with by Visa, but when all is said and done, they left, with a great entrepreneurial idea which is set to challenge one of the internet's most valuable brands and probably Visa itself. Maybe there's VC in there somewhere from Visa, but I doubt it, there's too little branding for that.

They even started out on facebook with an awesome 'micro-payment' thing, a great proposition of 'owe your mate a fiver for the drinks last night' - from account to account, no bullshit, no fees.

Got talent? Keep it. There are lots of ways. But try asking it what it thinks and investing in that, it's talent for a reason.

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