Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This isn't branding, it's letting personality shine through organisation

Something Iain Tait has certainly been quite focused on recently is the power of copy in communicating a brand, or a person behind a website. There was a tremendous post on this (in the guise of talking about DM, although really it covered all corporate comms in my book) that really snapped my fork.

The example I cite is from digg, and it's a tremendous window into the people and personalities behind a big web 2.0 brand. Basically, they use the 404 error to give each member of the team a chance to post their favourite link (maybe this is monetised, maybe it isn't). It seems to me, that in this case it's genuine and they really are just giving you, the digg reader some stuff that might be of interest to you whilst the site is down...afterall, digg is probably still run by the people who made it (it is...) and they're going to have a shared interest with their consumers, not a constructed one, a genuine one.

It feels like my job as planner needs to be to identify what this shared interest is, and with big brands, use self selective media to communicate with different shared interest groups.

All the corporate communications and branding do in this case is make me feel like i understand company x and that company x understands me, once this exchange is complete (through witty copy or huge events), then we have a relationship...and to quote the most awesome communications writing I've read in about 5 years, then I want to be a member of their club.

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