Sunday, 16 March 2008

bounce the pope / xenu and other anti-church of scientology

Walking down Charing Cross Road yesterday and there's the latest from the lulzologists anonymous/xenu, outside that weird COS test shop centre thing which I've always wanted to go into to see wtf they actually do in there

Anyway, when you see a protest, you might as well join it. So I did. A phrase my friend ellie coined is 'bounce the pope' it means nothing, it's just a celebration of language and putting weird words together, but I find it hilarious. So I made a sign out of it and joined in.

Little did I know that the xenu/anonymous dudes thought I was trying to show them up as religious bigots. I wasn't, I was just doing it for teh lulz. It was lulz.

This is a converstaion I had with a police officer just before I was given an official warning - my main beef here I suppose is not with the COS, but with the absolut decay of free speech in this country.

police-cop: I'm not sure they're going to be so pleased about you doing this in their protest. What's it about anyway?

stuart: We believe the pope should be bounced

police-cop: How do you mean?

stuart (trying to keep a straight face): Like a rubber ball, officer.

police-cop: well, I find that offensive as I'm catholic, could you take your sign down and move on.

stuart: Okay officer, one question, is what I'm doing illegal?

cop: Yes, this is your first official warning.

stuart: Fine. Thanks officer.

So anyway, here are some pics of the occasion. And the thread on where they seem to think I'm a scientologist, just to note. I'm not. The COS offends me and I'm glad people like anon are trying to turn it to dust via extended internet and IRL lulz events.


Anonymous said...

pope on a rope.

Anonymous said...

Anon is glad to have you along for the lulz, but your sign is an unfortunate coincidence. Scientology has compared themselves to Catholicism in the past, and have claimed that Anonymous is also against Catholicism. By relating themselves to a genuine religion they hope both to legitimise their cult and brand Anonymous as anti-religious, not anti-COS.
This libel has been surprisingly long-lived and frustratingly persistent, despite Anonymous' repeated statements and clarifications. Though you were not trying to harm Anonymous, your sign certainly did not help.
for more info:

Anonymous said...

That was unfortunate - the sign's funny, but the Scientologists have tried to bugger up our protests by portraying us as religious bigots - the suspicion is justified.

Still, I didn't know "Bounce the pope" counted as hate speech lol, but clearly others did.

Anonymous said...

a) it wasnt illegal
b) your a fag.
c) whats the point?
d) your not funny
e) nor is your sign
f) but your face is
g) now GTFO

Hinksy said...

The chat with the police had me in hysterics...!

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