Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I am an IRL sh*tposter

This is my crowning glory. I have been accused of being an IRL (In Real Life) shitposter by the anti-scientology dudes over at londonlulz and they are lulz. They're absolutely right. I can't help it. But they should know that we both have the same objective - outright undeniable lulz. Mine were had at the expense of the British Police Force, rather than Scientology but hey...what are you gonna do?


Steve Cater said...

...er... lock you up and throw away the key! you're a crazy

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be honest with you. Im the Anonymous member that asked the police to move you on. And i'll tell you why because the CoS put a video on youtube pretending to be anonymous saying we were going after the catholic church next. So you have to see where we are coming from a video a week or so before our protest says we are going after the pope and the church and you stand there with a bounce the pope sign. Doesnt do you any good not that you was to know. However your mate talked you into that sign... maybe he had seen the fake anonymous pope video and did it to get you into shit. Who knows but watch out yeah